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PROUDLY SERVING texas style wood smoked bar-b-q

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I divide my time between Las Vegas, Nevada and  my home town of Austin, Texas and the search for great, smoky barbecue in between. Poker is my game, but barbecue is my passion. Growing up in Texas, my passion for barbecue is home grown and I proudly believe that Texas barbecue (beef barbecue) is the best in the country. But don't get me wrong, I'm smart enough to know that barbecue is truly a regional fare and I give real respect to each in its own. Texas, Kansas, The Carolinas, Alabama and Tennessee can all make a fair argument that each is better than the rest, but lets sort that debate out at the barbecue competitions. This site is about the smoky, spicy goodness of all barbecue, all styles, all regions and enjoying them with our favorite sides, beverages and of course family and friends. You'll never forget your first time! You'll be back for more.